Get things done
by keeping things simple

Sparkio time management app does NOT offer you the most innovative features… Sparkio offers you only those features that you actually need. Efficient planning and communication.
Clear your head and simplify your life by keeping it simple.

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Keep It Simple with Sparkio

A time management app to clear your head, get things done and simplify your life – at work and at home. Sparkio keeps it simple. Will you?
Efficient personal planning

Divide up short- and long term projects and distinguish time consuming tasks from those that can be done in a few minutes. Clear your head, get more things done with an efficient planner inspired by the GTD theory.

Direct communication

Invite co-workers or friends. Use the chat function to talk directly, share tasks and work efficiently. Communicate one-to-one or start a convenient group conversation.

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Let’s KISS!

Use technology in your advantage; use it to make your live easier. Simplify your life by using a simple app that offers you exactly – and only that – what you need.

Keep It Simple with Sparkio.

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  2. Organize your professional and personal planner
  3. Invite team members or family to chat
  4. Clear your head, get more done and simplify your life

Ready to Keep It Simple with Sparkio?

Yes, let’s KISS!

Is this you?

You are creative, ambitious, busy and – let’s face it – a tiny bit of a control freak. You want to do a million things, but all your ideas or thoughts about daily tasks, occasional errands or future projects are slowing you down.

You want to clear your head and give the things that you are doing the dedication and attention they need and deserve. You want to simplify life and live it mindfully, whether it is at work or at home.

You’ve tried a number of apps and management programs, to get organized and more productive. But so far, not so good…
Their innovative feature rather complicate things instead of simplifying them. And they never seem to combine those things you actually need: efficient planning and communication.

Sounds about right? Is this you? Well, this was us… Then we invented Sparkio.

This is us

We are a group of creative and ambitious people. Busy lives, big dreams, many projects, lots of co-workers. Well you get the idea, you are one of us.

We’ve tried our hardest to both organize our social as professional lives, so we’ve dived deep into the world of time management and team apps.

Our findings? There are many many apps that offer loads of innovative features. But we couldn’t find a simple app that would actually help us to simplify our lives and get more done.

We just needed an application that made planning and communication efficient and easy for everyone; for us, team members as well for temporary co-workers.

Also, we came to the conclusion that there is much more to planning than just randomly writing ideas, projects and tasks down.

Like David Allen’s Get Things Done Theory clearly shows:
Planning is about structuring ideas, tasks and projects into different categories, such as quick and time consuming tasks, short term and long term projects or futures dreams.

Structuring activities and tasks, will help you to address them when the time is right, making you use your time more efficiently and effectively.

You will clear you head, which enables you to fully focus. And guess what? Only fully focused you will get more things done. The cycle is complete, we rest our case.

So, we decided to make our own app. Sparkio. A time management app that combines a convenient chat function with a planner inspired by the GTD theory.

The result? We got more things done by keeping things simple.

As this result didn’t stay unnoticed by colleagues and friends, it didn’t take long before they wanted to try our Sparkio themselves.

Hey, there is an idea, we thought. Let’s all Keep Things Simple with Sparkio.

Let’s all KISS together

Isn’t it ironic that we try to simplify our lives by complicating it with innovative apps? Start using a simple app to truly simplify your life.
Keep It Simple with Sparkio.

So here’s the deal:
Sign up and use Sparkio for free. Give us some feedback once in a while and help us to make Sparkio even better – and simpler.

  1. Clear your mind, organize your (daily) life using a practical planner, subcategorizing different types of tasks, helping you to use your time efficiently and wisely.
  2. Invite co-workers or friends. Use the chat function to talk directly, share tasks and work efficiently. Communicate one-to-one or start group conversations.

Sparkio is…

  • Easy to use and to share
  • Safe with ensured data protection
  • Available as a mobile- and web application
  • Free for the first 2000 users

Become one of us, sign up for free and let’s all KISS together – Keep It Simple with Sparkio.

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* App will be live from June 1, 2018.